Beautec Support & Guidance

At Beautec Aesthetics, we offer a wealth of support and guidance for all our prospective, current and former students. Ways in which we do this range from initial enquiry guidance, to make sure students enrol on the right course for them, and continue to support student throughout the duration of their course and after completion.

On your initial enquiry

Before students enrol at Beautec, we make sure they have all relevant course information and give a full range of options, so they can make the correct decision in choosing a course. We offer a wide range of flexible payment options, as well as funding, on all of our courses, making Beautec affordable and accessible to all.

Qualification Options

At Beautec we offer 2 distinctive qualification options, the NVQ (national vocational qualification) and the Beautec Diploma. The NVQ qualification gives you a fully recognisable qualification in your chosen subject or level, allowing you to work in the beauty industry nationally. This qualification allows any salon in the UK to fully insure you to work. The Beautec Diploma is accredited by BABTAC and The guild of beauty therapists, allowing you to gain personal liability insurance to be able to work as a mobile or self-employed therapist.

Enrolment Process

We offer a fast and simple enrolment process, enabling students to progress in their chosen fields easily. To enrol on the Beautec short courses, no interview is needed, you just need to pay your fees and we send all course information in an introduction letter directly to you. For our NVQ courses you will need to have an interview, this can be done in person or via the telephone, at a time and date to suit you. During this process we will discuss payment options to suit you, what the course entails and what is expected of yourself, and how we will help support and guide you through your course. Once you have paid your fees to enrol, we will then send out your introduction letter detailing when your course will start with the times and what you will need to bring on the day.

Starting your course

On starting your course you will be taken through an induction, which will highlight the Beautec procedures and policies, career days and industry representative talks, the structure of the course and how assessment days will work. During your induction you will be able to get to know your tutor and peers through bonding activities.

Throughout your course

During your course we offer continuous guidance and support on both a professional and personal level. Beautec tutors and staff are always on hand, via email, telephone or in person, to help. We pride ourselves on giving all students an excellent individual experience over the duration of their course and even after completion. All Beautec staff are friendly and approachable.

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